Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Um, Ya... it'a been a while. I've been SUPER busy! BUT... GET OUT THERE AND TRI!!! Marc and Matty just completed their 4th and 1st Tri's.

When you have a 10 year old who runs his butt off, after biking and swimming in the freaking cold, and then goes back on the coarse to cheer his little "Bro Bro" on, your heart melts. It melts all over again when your baby (Ok, he's 5), crosses the finish line with a FAT smile telling every person he saw, "I WON! I DID IT! I WON!" It was a great morning.
Almost to the finish line
Running his little butt off!
Outta the water for Marc
Outta the water for Matty Matt
Matty signing at his spring concert "Love"

My Fav... He's signing "Jesus"

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


So.... our computer has been down for a few months, I've been in school, and we're back up and running!!!!Hopefully w/in the next week or so, I'll get some good info up, and some updated photos!! It's about time

Thursday, October 1, 2009

OMG... The Summer Is Over!!!!!!

I have so many pics of my matty too, but these are my TRI pics for Marc. I have a lot of the summer to upload - but nothing tops my Marc's Triathlon's. improvements, and victories....... He did 3 Tri's this summer, as most Triathletes know, it started with swimming, then biking then running it out. He has done awesome!!!!! At his 3rd Tri, he went over a wet bridge on his bike, fell down - got back up, ran his little butt off and took 3rd place by a millisecond. I'll have to show you the professional pics. They bring tears to my eyes. My mom too :)

On a lighter note, Matt is now in in a great preschool 3 days a week!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Lots-a stuff....

So, I need to get in the habit of keeping my blog up to date. That way my posts will not be 18 pages long. We've kept busy this summer. Not been to Roesiger as much as I would like to go, but that will change here in August and September. Work's been going.... lots of changes. Some good, some annoying. Kids are well. Having fun and spending a lot of time with Auntie Donna and Nana, They love that :) Papa's had a few good days. He's still got his sense of humor. Scott's been working and golfing a lot. I'm glad he gets to golf because he loves it so much. Pictures always tell the story.........
Jill and Mark had another official White Trash party. Complete with a golden toilet as the trophy for the first placers in the Corn Hole tournament. I haven't uploaded all the pics, but I have a few. And as always, everybodie's version of white trash is TOTALLY different.
Matty found my flip flops for the White Trash party
Even my kids love dress up day...........
Marc will be 10 in a few months. I think we'll have a costume party for his bday....
My kids love wigs
One of the best costumes of the night
I love my Rose Bud
Value Village or bust
Driving to the white trash bash
So, in honor of Anisa's birthday - PIRATE DAY! Dr. Bird asked me to make sure we did something cool. I said "only if you dress up...??" He said "well, I'm not coming to work dressed as a pirate or anything." And I told him that he had just picked the theme! Thanks Dr. Bird ;) Of course I was going to make sure we had something fun for my Zero. We are the official PPC after all, so I had to throw her something. Nada, Cheryl and I made it happen and the entire staff decked out!! I even did my makeup like Johnny Depp :)
The whole gang. Almost. I LOVE dress up day!
Anisa and Nada
cute but sick
Hook, Zero and Tom
Me and my Zero
I was a pretty sweet pirate
So this year we didn't get to go to Roesiger to watch the fireworks,but we had a great time anyway. Nada and Javier had us over for a great BBQ and lots of fun. The kids had a wonderful time playing in the water jumping in the trampoline and doing some small fireworks. Scott and I had a great time too. How cute are these kids?
At the end of the night. Matthew just LOVES Nada
Maya's 4th of July bath
Maya with her Mama
Scott and Maya. You know he wishes he had his own little girl. You never know...............
Watermelon and a trampoline
These guys had so much fun :)
Adam and Matty
Cute little Matt
Slip-n-slide boys
And lastly - Marc's 1st triathlon. It was pretty cool. He had a great time and did an awesome job. My mom has been training with him so he can do a few different tri's this summer and early fall. It seems to be pretty fun for him and he loves the competition. He thought it was pretty cool that the guy from Evening Magazine said his name because he got 2nd place. Well, it was pretty cool. Proud Mama here. He looked pretty stinkin' cute too.

Matty had to help the clean up crew after the tri was over

Matty brought his bike

My Marc :)

Marc with his Nana

So proud of him. Second place!!

Right behind the kid in the yellow shirt

Marc is so cute :)

My Spark and Mama

Mom and Kelly right after they finished the Mary Meyer "Get Out and TRI" Triathlon