Saturday, January 24, 2009

Last Couple Weekends...........

The MAIN event was Molly's 27th bday............... BUT, I'll go in order.
We have had quite a busy start to 2009. It's been fun, but it's been busy busy. Scott had to go to Alaska for his job, but he was only gone 1 week, so we survived. Even though the boys missed him like crazy, me too, and he's not leaving again with out us. He agreed to that :) I love that guy. Anyway - we've had some interesting days. Here's some pics -

Sarah, Morgan. Moll. me and Shanna @ McCoys - but like I said, I'll go in order
Ivan and Matty - this is how they play Air Hockey
Matty and his Nanny Irma
Matt and Marc @ lunch w/ Teris and kids
Matty and Maddy were not behaving. This is Maddy's pout face
Matt, Marc , Maddy, Novalee and Teris
Nat and Hil stopped over for a visit but wouldn't smile for me cause they had no makeup on
We went to the Spaghetti Factory after we got Daddy from the airport
We love the Spag-fag
Caught in the phone booth
Tried to get some shots on the ride home. They never really work out
Not so much
Matty's shirt daddy got him in AK
What I do at work everyday - goof off
He loves his wifey
On our way out of the hotel to Molly's bday
Molly and Brad
Some of the party
Moll and Jackie
Old friends are always the best :)
I love these kids
This looks horrible. Molly said goodbye to Scott by jumping on him and almost knocking him over causing him to "catch" her.
Wonder if she even remembers this.... Happy b-day sister!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jess turns 30!!

So, I was so glad to celebrate my old friends 30th bday this last weekend with her!! We've been friends since 8th grade in Ms. McNairs class, but didn't talk in 9th grade because I had an expensive purse (Jess- I'm noticing a trend w/ purses and friends... SIKE)!! For reals - some of the funniest times of my life and things I will never forget were with Jessica and Rosie. Everything from Science class (10 and 11 grade), the "Iron Report," "One sips enough," all the way to 12th grade when we strutted the halls as "Official Pink Ladies" with REAL coats :) Anyway - George invited Ro, Jill and I to the 30th bash, and let me say - Jess and George (Georgica) still got it goin' on and it was a great time!!

Reason #47 of why I heart Rosie... and her pretty friend in the background!
B-day girl rippin' it up on the dance floor
And again - such a beautiful poser
Jill and me, later in the eve
Jill, me & George
Rosa and Rachey - her eyes got bigger and my eyes got smaller over the last 16 years.
"Someone's" drink
Jilly and Georgie
30 and lookin' GREAT!
One of my favorite Besties
Oldies but Goodies. Jess and Ro
Anodder one of da princusses
B -day girl rips up the dance floor again
I think GG bought us red-bull/vodka shots....
JZ, GG and Jenny

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Wrok Pics

So, I usually have my camera with me at all times... You never know when you're going to get the perfect picture. I have to admit... we have a lot of fun at work. It's super busy, and sometimes we have some pretty long days, but there's never a dull moment, and we're usually laughing a lot. A typical day could be Dana searching for her car that Nate drove down to Target and put her keys back in her purse. Or Justin looking for his lunch which was placed in Nates coat pockets by me. Or Justin looking for his keys and can't find them because Nate placed them in his backpack, or someone sitting on a sticker that says "I love Tom"........

Here's some of my coworkers....

But first - Matty Matt. Marc had BB practice with Scott, so Matty and I had fun playing in the toys at McDonalds. It's a good way to tire him out, but we had a lot of fun :)
Me, Janey and Jamie.
Miss Janet
Dana Baby strikes a pose while Tom rushes by in the background
This is Nate "fanny Pack" - absolutely hands down the funniest Dentist I have ever met. Whether he was a dentist or not - he's pretty flippin' hilarious. I'm sure I snapped this shot because he and Dana were plotting something....
Dana, me and Janet "working very hard"
This here is Johny Hawk a.k.a J-Hawk or just Hawk (John). He acquired his nickname for watching us like a hawk all day long, for a couple days in a row. Here with his camera is proof that he spies. But seriously - John is a really nice man. Father of 6, and great with kids!
Dana and I "listening" to the Dentrix lady we named "Socks"
And again - concentrating VERY hard.
Matty helping Anisa stock gloves
And Marc overseeing the whole thing
At this point he was just chuckin' them in there
More to come..............................