Sunday, March 29, 2009

4 Years Ago......

4 years ago yesterday (3-28-05), this amazing, funny, beautiful boy arrived 2 1/2 weeks early at 3:02 in the afternoon! Happy Happy birthday to my Matty! We LOVE you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much and are so thankful you are here!

A few minutes old
about 24 hrs old
Mama and Daddy loving Matthew Wayne Phillips. We were so proud and stared at him all night long
about two minutes old

Monday, March 23, 2009

St. Patty's and some extras.......

Lots of pics to post. We've been having a lot of fun this March... and in 5 days, Matty will be 4!! I can't believe how fast time flies! Marc's 3rd grade class, as well as 3 other 3rd grade classes got together and did a cantata about "going green." It was pretty funny and Marc had a speaking part. I didn't get any really good shots, but I'll bet you can find him in the crowd:
Trixiakota under the impression that it's OK for dogs to sit at my table
We tried to get a dog shot with all 4 dogs.... wasn't gonna happen
Janet with Wally
The BEST babysitter on earth
Well, until she painted Matty's fingernails green :)
So, Anisa and I came up with the crazy plan to dress up for St. Patrick's day at work. We totally decked out.... What could be more annoying then matching scrubs, glitter, bows and too much green?? Um, Anisa's high pony tail with ringlets. Anyway - here's some shots of our fun day....
I had some extra fabric so I sewed my favie sis-in-law Donna an apron to wear to work (She's a cake decorator)
Not sure why this uploaded so small... but Here's Anisa, Dana and I
I really wish this would of uploaded bigger... You can barely see Nate's green hair net or Justin's rainbow tie
The evil master mind's
If you're not jealous that this is my boss - you better be!! He wore this tie ALL day!
Work time besties
Now THIS is sweet!! Matching tie and pants
So, this last weekend we had some fun family time. We wanted to do some fun stuff with the kiddos, and Marc earned himself a "date night" with mom and dad for a much improved and excellent report card!!
Matty, Cade and Marc at McDonald's
Mr. Matthew
Mama and Marc at Famous Dave's BBQ (I'm surprised they're not famous for putting corn in EVERYTHING)
Dad and Marc
And - Johnny Depp. OK - we didn't see a movie with Depp, but I would of liked to :)
And Finally - One of my bestest friends in the whole world turned 30! She's too old to be friends with now, so peace out Jill. Love ya!
Here's the b-day girl in her new apron before we went out
Jana and Ivy
You all know Rosie
And my Jill again! Happy birthday baby, love you :)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Gloomy fun day!!

We woke up today knowing we had to go to Tukwilla to pick up Scott's car. So, in order to make an adventure out of the drive, we decided to extend it a little and take the kids to PD Zoo and Aquarium or hit the Northwest Trek. We got all packed up... snacks, drinks, blankets, warm clothes, camera, money... you name it, we were ready. As soon as we got past Seattle, hail! Snow! Pouring rain... We were a little disappointed, but decided to make the most of it. Matt is really into trains right now, so why not take him on the monorail to West Lake center and back?? He gets a "train ride," Marc gets to go on the inside rides, Scott gets to pick whatever he wants to eat for lunch, and me - well, I get to go to WLC!! I love to shop, but those who know me, know that already. Our day of crappy weather was awesome and even nice enough for the kids to get some outside rides in too. Word of advice - buy your kids a kazoo from the EMP at the END of your day, not seconds after you arrive....

The kazoo...
Outside the EMP
Matty thought this was pretty frikin' cool. Marc, not so much
Matty and Daddy

The ticket taker guy told me "Dat is why only one go a time!" Oops!
Marry-go-round or as Matty called it. "The princess horses"
Also thought this was lame... poor Marc, he's such a good sport
This was pretty fast and fun for them
In motion..........
On our way to WLC via monorail
Love these guys!!
And last but not least, last night - the year of 30 is among us, and these 5 are keepin' it real!!

Friday, March 6, 2009


It's been a little while.............. We've been busy, Marc's been playing a lot of ball, Scott and I have been working hard, and February is just always a busy month. It's always easier to post pics, rather than write about our most recent endeavours. But, as usual, I'll explain the pics.

Valentine's Day 09 -
At the Seattle Ferry dock
Marc had a special date night with Nana and Papa, so we took Matt on a ferry ride to Bainbridge and had a nice dinner. Matty was soooooo excited for the boat ride
I love that little face
Matt and Dad
Then we had my Dirty Thirty.......... I was so happy to have all my sister (except Em) there. The only thing that would of made the night better was Emily's presence, but she's always with us in spirit :) Mom decided to make my bash "Mama Mia" themed - and she did - she went all out and we had authentic Greek food, door prizes, trivia questions after we watched the musical, 70's decorations. Even a special appearance to our girls only party by a handsome Greek waiter. It was really, really cool and she put so much time and love into it. It was the perfect thing she could of done for me.
Nat, Me and Ayla, Bug and Hil (Moll was still on the way)
I thought Moll was at the door knocking, but noooo........ I was shocked when Dad walked in with some homemade sourdough on a platter and a waiter costume. PERFECT!!
It was really funny
Auntie Nannie and Baby A... Ayla was really into Sadie
We spent a Sunday with GG and Papa, but on the way, we of course had to stop at Yuen Lui to get Matty's 4 year old pics. I LOVED this sweater, and the pictures turned out amazing. They're about a month early, oh well.
On our way in Dad's car
Papa visiting with Scott
Papa reading a book about logging to Marc
I love this little man's profile
They found something really cool that only Great Papa could explain
I discovered a cavity in Matt's mouth, so Scott brought him into work. His Doc is still Machida (my first boss, and the best teacher anyone in the field could ask for), but Dr. Machida doesn't offer laughing gas to his pt's and Matty, well, he's a busy boy, and he was very calm and mellow for Justin while breathing N2O......
Janet, Matt and Justin
Dr. Justin Yeates DDS, and his favorite patient :)
Miss Dana's b-day, and the carrot cake I made her (Even though a piece of the cake was missing before b-day girl got a bite because TOM cut a piece of the cake out 5 minutes before we sang to her, ate it, then said "Oh, I guess I jumped the gun on that, ha?")
At Vonn's right before we went to The Lion King
This show was breathtaking!! Amazing!
Rae, Janet and Anisa - girl day at the outlets and casino!!
Scott and Ron handed out trophies and awards to Marc's super Basketball team.
All the boys signing each other's trophies
I got a new headband, but I decided it looked better on Tom! This right here is the Albright family dentistry sushi chef/RDH
I guess it looked cute on Dana too.
My work time besties, Anisa and Dana/The Headband Club
Last but not least, Anisa's baby Oliver (Ollie) and Matty. It took a few minutes for Ollie to get used to Matt...
Ollie trying to chew one of Matty's dino's
Ollie loves his mommy
Matty decided to name Anisa and Ollie "Eleesia and Wally." We tried correcting him a few times, but that really didn't matter.... it's official
Lunch at Red Lobster with Wally's mom
Good Night and Good Luck!