Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Daija and McKenzie turn 8, Kailey turns 10, AND.... people break down at the ice rink.....

Daija's 8th bday!!
Shay and Maya (Mama and mini-me)
She went on the ice just so I could take this pic :)
These two are little hams!!
Go Marc!

Life- It takes us by surprise - we take it for granted. Enjoy your kiddos, teach them to laugh as you learned and then better. Give them the BEST chance at life that you can. They are little miracles!! And PRICELESS!!! Especially right now when they are young :)

McKenzie Taylor Steinbacher turns 8 on 12/4/2008 (next Th. to be exact). This year we celebrated her b-day early. She wanted to have a High School Musical 3 on ice party - so Christy went all out. I wasn't there until later and them my camera died, so I have no photos!! Anyway - there were a lot of girls and no boys - Marc was a little uncomfortable. Usually him and Kenny are Bff, so it doesn't matter. This year the hormones set in and Marc was the "weird" one. He still had tons of fun, but we decided from here on out, just fun days at the mall, etc where they can do their own pre-teen thing.... or private parties!

That same day, Daija turned 8!! D is much more co-ed, so Marc was a little more comfy - until he was yet again, the only boy there. He instantly wanted to play Wii with Kenny (D's dad), and when that was not an option - he opted out.... again.

BTW - Daija was the sweetest bday girl ever!!! -

Kailey turned 10 and had her bday party at the Comcast Arena the week after. Not only did the kids LOVE it, but Marc and Daija did a great job, and little, precious Shay Shay was a tiny 5 year old right behind them doing her best and eating nachos!! You gotta love that kid :) Maya and I decided it was REALLY good we did roller-skating b-days for the past 3 years, cause Thank God, our kids can skate. Had we of started them on ice - ya right. What a mess that would of been. Maya was a good mom and put on skates so she could help Shay. Marc on the other hand was on his own!!

A week later, Maya and I took the kids ice skating again. They did GREAT :)

Old Friends, rest in peace

I was informed earlier today that one of my high school friends was found dead at his home over the weekend. Not only did this take my by surprise (He was 28), but my heart is heavy. Our relationship has been non-existent over the past 10 years or so, but the memories and the important events from those grand High School days (Prom, Winter Ball, bridge jumping, the "back gate," piano lessons, stealing my car to "buy curtains for his mom", etc....) still remain and I mourn for his loved ones and those of us that took it tougher than others. Please pray for the Norton family.

WOOOAH! Rachey blogs again...........

So - get a new job and everything goes to hell... SIKE! I'm working 11 hr days, I'm dealing with 20 year old snots who needs a swift kick in the butt w/ a few weeks in real dental assisting school so they know NOT to take impressions with rock for goodness sake.... geeesh!! Anyway - I'll continue....

I got offered a job at a new, beautiful and upcoming 18 operator office in Everett - 5 min. away from my house. Heck ya I took the job!! It's had it's ups and down, and I've been cool, calm and collected 98% of the time, and we're trucking along and fine-tuning our staff - so it's gonna be great. I work along side a Dentist (Justin Yeates - NO relation to Andrea Yeates, he/I swear) who is a new graduate (2007 Go DAWGS!!). We get along great, he trust my judgment, and all in all, we make a great team. I have high hope for the future, and for the company. I have to say - not working for a dentist who "shared" a locker room with me and was caught at least 2x's a day in his really tighty-whities is sweet!! Justin is an awesome guy with good morals, A total family man with 4 kiddos. We are the same age, so that's even better.

The rest of the office staff is pretty cool for the most part. I like all management and have already seen the proof and positive effects of them removing the bad attitudes from the staff. I look at the younger girls and I think "man, I was their age 10-12 years ago, and I was smart, but I had a bad attitude - even though I was highly capable..." So I guess I'm hitting my 30's in stride. With a new outlook and a reason to tell Marc that a bad attitude gets you no where - except your butt on the couch at home!!

Stay tuned for a few lame pics (My batt was dead for the past 2 weeks and I was too busy to re-charge, or get new ones....). They're not lame, just limited!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Peter Pan

SOOOOOOOO... Hilary (my baby sister that has a sweet-ass matching foot tatt with me), was Snapdragon at the Peter Pan family musical that was shown last weekend (at the Museum of History and Industry in U village) and is showing next weekend again. Her and Rory (her boy friend/bff of a few years) were both in the musical together :) Rory.. WAS PETER PAN!! The performance was great and Marc was just in love with his auntie and Rory. We took a few pic of the show.... ENJOY!!! - we're going next week too, so I'm gonna get my own shots :)

Peter Pan and Snapdragon
Scott, PP, Marc, SD and Rae Rae (Proud siss!)
Look to your left.. Hil's scowlin'...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Just a few pics!

My youngest cousin on the Moore side is Connor!! He is an excellent rower and is attending Gonzaga this year as a freshman. I decided to post a few pics of him because we think he's pretty cool. Marc thinks he is the coolest "old kid" he's ever met and remembers him best for buying Marc his first fishing pole and taking him fishing at Hood Canal quite a few times. We think it's pretty cool that he wants to be a teacher!

Connor is in front
You think he looks like Uncle Roger?? Just a little ;)

I bought Ayla this last year before we knew she was a girl. I thought it was hilarious so Beth took a few pics for me.

Best loaf of Wonderbread I've ever seen :)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween Party - thanx!

I have to back-track for a second... These are from a week ago. Last Sat. the 25th, Scott, the boys and I went to spend the day with GG and Papa. They had to deliver their painted canvas's and we wanted to hang out anyway :) Always a fun time to be with Grandma and Papa. It just so happened that Grandma's homemade bread was rising when we got there, so we got to eat it fresh straight out of the oven!! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

This is what I live for... GG and fresh bread!
Matty showing Great Papa his playdoh dinosaur
Marc - "bird watching" from GG's deck
And my fav - Me, Matt and Papa!!

We have candy coming out our ears! The kids had a great time trick or treating with Scott and I at the Mill Creek town center Friday night. Marc dressed up as "Buccaneer Bones" and Matty was a reptile (Marc wore the reptile costume his first year of preschool so Matty was more than happy to wear "brudders" hand me downs)! While T-or-T at the town center, Matthew told each store we went to (50 or so) "Happy Halloween party, thinx." it was hilarious! We headed over to GG and Papa's house to show off costumes and see Papa. Nana and Papa were there too with Kita! THEN we headed over to Grandma and Grandpa's house and hit up all the houses where Scott used to live. The boys scored. We topped off the night by heading to Rosie's house where she had giant sized candies waiting for the boys! I think Marc was in Heaven. Plus, he wanted to see Rosie, so it worked out nicely. Needless to say - we have a ton of candy. Good thing I'm in the dental field eh?

Let me clarify:
Nana and Papa = My mom and dad
Grandma and Grandpa = Scott's mom and dad
GG and Papa = My grandparents. I call them Grandma and Papa, but the boys call her GG for Great Grandma.
Grandpa Tracy = What Scott's dad calls himself

The kiddos with GG and Papa
Classic pose
In the dark ready to go

Marc had his last soccer game on Saturday. It was a tough game and my little one was the perfect goalie for the first quarter. He played forward the rest of the game and did a great job! They lost by one goal but Marc and a few other players did an excellent job. I'm so proud of him!

Racing to steal the ball back!!
This is at the end of the game. Notice how dirty his sleeves were!!
This is what happens when I ask Matty to smile...

Last but not least, to top off our fun filled weekend, we went to Scott's sister Donna's house. The boys LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Auntie Donna, and we try to have a family dinner at least once a week. We had to plan it around the Texas/Texas Tech game (Which was KILLER by the way). I decided to make a surprise dinner for Donna. Onion Chowder, Cheesy Onion Popovers, Stuffed Mushrooms, salad and last but not least - cupcake brownies!! All from scratch! It was gooooood. The last 8 seconds of the game were amazing and I wish I would of got Scott and Dad's initial reaction to the touchdown. Instead I got the reaction of the replay.... enjoy :)