Friday, October 24, 2008


If you don't feel like reading this - just jump to the last paragraph................

A have a few things I can blog about. Marc and I are home alone (which surprisingly is quite pleasant for a Friday night). It's quiet, so I'm wanting to tell you, my kind readers, a few really cool things!! This is a blog for those of you who actually like to read... not just look :)

First off - Scott's dad came home from the hospital today. We found out the reason his kidney was failing was there was way too much dye in his body and his kidney couldn't process it all at once. From the two different tests he had right before and right after his heart attack - it was just too much. Almost sounds like a communication error between doctors, but at least he's out of the woods for now. He is not cancer free, and he did have a heart attack, but when I went to give him a hug today, he reached right up and grabbed me and started petting my hair (Sounds funny, but made me cry...) - he was doing well. Very eager to start a chess game with Marc. I swear - Thanks to Grandpa, Marc will kick yo butt at poker, cribbage and even chess. Geesh. He's one smart kid!

Secondly - with all the germs flying through my house this week, we never managed to go visit Grandma and Papa. BUT - we are going tomorrow morning at 10:30, so we're really looking forward to that. I'm excited to give them their canvas's the boys painted for them... as well as the Willow Tree "Angel of Love" figurine I got them. I have a busy weekend ahead of me. Tomorrow in the a.m. - GG and Papa, afternoon, Marc has a soccer game, tomorrow night - I go to a party with my mom. Sunday morn - church, the rest of Sun - Molly's coming over and we're cooking down sugar pumpkins to make pumpkin butter. We're also making jam, and pickling a few more things. Rachael Ray - eat your heart out!! Rachel Phillip's is next in line!! SIKE!

Thirdly - I had fun this week despite my cold. I had some cuddle time with Matty. I know it's horrible when your baby is sick, but when they cuddle on your lap and just want to be loved, especially when they're older than 2 or 3, it's so adorable. Of course I would take his cold or his flu or any pain away in a second if I could. I just love to watch them cuddle on mom and dad and be so innocent. Tuesday I got to hook up with Victoria (Jay J) in the U Village. We had fun shopping a little, but mostly catching up and mowing on sushi. I was also introduced to Red Mango - a savvy little healthy frozen yogurt place. Evidently I'm the only person who didn't know about it?? The fun didn't stop there folks. Thurs, Matt and I went down to Queen Anne to visit my old job and friends... Mostly to Visit Jay J ;) We went to Orrapin Thai (where Matthew was about to get spanked in public - (I can't blame him, it was almost nap time and it was Thai food for goodness sake) and I got to see a few old friends, etc. Also took Matthew to a few fun little shops around QA. If you got the $$, QA has the best shops for little tykes. Then again - I've noticed that if you don't live in Queen Anne, some of the stuff you buy for $75 actually makes you look poor or color blind.

Lastly - (and finally... AND MOST importantly)... Marc and I went shopping to the Alderwood Mall tonight, then to BINGO at his school. I was so amazed to see all the kiosks in the mall. For goodness sake - who thought up this crap their pitching/selling?? I guess we don't go to the mall enough. Every year Marc's school has a BINGO night in the start of the school year to kick off all the other programs the PTA does all year long. Every class has a room parent who collects 3-5$ from each person, or something they have to offer, or something their business has to offer or they pick a theme and people donate stuff to make a basket. The most popular every year are "family fun night" or "night at the movies" or "game night".... you catch my drift. It's only a $1 a card to play, so most anyone can play, and the proceeds go to the school, etc. This year Marc and I got there early to get good seats, buy pizza and drinks, etc. We sat next to a family of four who were talking about a dentist appt they had just come from. Not that I was eavesdropping, but she was talking about the dental Field, and she was talking about 1 inch from my head - so I couldn't help but hear. I guess she had a lot of oral health issues and they must not of had the money cause they all only had one bingo card. Marc and I had 10. a few games into bingo, Marc and I won!! YAY!!!!!!!!! We won "family banana splits night" with ice cream gift cards, really nice glass bowls, silver spoons, all the toppings you can imagine, fresh bananas, nuts.... It was a really fun basket to get! I told Marc that since we already won and the people next to us had one card each and we had 5 each, we needed to share with them. We gave them four of our cards and just started talking to them, wishing them luck. 3 games later, one of the little girls won!!! This gives me the shivers - she won off of the card we gave her, and she came back from the prize line holding a basket with a Sonicare toothbrush w/ a sanitizer ($120 retail) for the whole family, prescription strength mouth wash and a $500 gift certificate to a local dentist. I seriously got the shivers. Later Marc and I talked about how God works in mysterious ways, and what happened tonight was planned. It was not only a big help to them, but a big hug for me. And a mighty way to show Marc the power of Christ. I was so thankful to of witnessed the tears in the moms eyes when she looked at me and said "thanks!" I almost lost it, but instead I just smiled and said "hey - it worked out perfectly - we love ice cream and I work in dentistry, so I have all that stuff for free anyway. COOL!" - OK - I'm done!! Here's a few pics....

My boys - bowling night :) Check out Matt's squint eyes
Matty grabs his " #6"
Can you tell this guy's gonna be 9 in 5 days?

Matty's "padded" strike

Go Matty Matt

Baby A in her ducky costume from Nana and Papa

Why so small of us?
Me and my baby :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

An update on us, Diego and Dad Phillips

What a weekend we had! Well, really, but not really. We were laid up at home all weekend with the flu :( Grandma and Papa celebrated their 56th wedding anniversary in style. The family threw an open house for them at their house so they didn't have to leave. We didn't get to go cause Papa can not be around any germs, so needless to say, I was heartbroken... but would never want to jeopardize his health. I did get some pics from mom and Auntie Kathy, so I'm going to post them anyway. They are just precious. We are going over on Wed. to spend some time with them. We did make the most of our time this weekend. We did a lot of crafts and painting - you know how much the boys and I love crafts and painting :) Matty and Marc painted "Happy Anniversary" canvas's for GG and Papa and I think they turned out great!
Our dog Diego was hit by a car last Tuesday. We are VERY lucky that he's still with us. He's recovering well, and has a pretty bad limp, as well as severe road rash, but is coming along nicely. I'm so thankful he was not killed. The kids would of been heartbroken. Scott and I would of been too.
On a sad note - Scott's dad suffered a heart attack on Thursday morning. They found two blockages and removed one over the weekend. He is having the other one removed at Swedish. We found out yesterday that his kidney is failing. This is not good because he only has one kidney. The other was removed when he had renal cancer a few years ago. We find out later today a clearer description on the severity of his condition. Please remember him in your prayers. I firmly believe in the power of prayers, and every little one is heard and counts. Thank you.
Cutest couple ever!!
True Love
Mr. and Mrs. Earnest A. Moore

Matty's canvas he painted for GG & Papa

Marc's canvas "Lake Roesiger"
Happy 56th wedding anniversary
Papa wearing the same tie he wore 56 years ago
The cake topper from 56 years ago :)
Scott with his finished products

my penguin
Such a painter he is
Scott's snowflake
Scott's, Marc's then my penguin :)
Matty painting his Choo Choo's

Thank goodness I put down the newspaper
"WHY do you HAVE to take so many pictures? OK, I'll smile"Matty asked me to take this picture
Matty's finished ornaments

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

We had a great weekend!!! We celebrated Marc's bday a couple weeks early. Since it's 3 days before Halloween, we try to do it early so it's not such a busy week and Marc can thoroughly enjoy Halloween. This year we went to Golf Land with 14 kids. We had a GREAT time and the kids just loved the putt putt golf. He was the perfect birthday boy and Scott and I were so proud of him. He said thank you to everyone after he opened a gift, thanked everyone for coming, gave all his guests attention and made sure they were having fun golfing and was in the best mood!!

We also went to Craven Farm again with Christy and Kenny. They had a ton of fun activities for the kids.... face painting, wagon rides, pumpkin slinging, animals, good food, little shops, scarecrow making... it was awesome! We go on Wed. and we're the only ones there - we go on Sat, good grief!! I couldn't believe it - I've never seen so many people at a farm before. Here are some of my pics...

It's hard to believe this was Marc's b-day two years ago. We woke him up early and took him to the airport w/ his brother and told him "Surprise and Happy bday! We're going to Disneyland!! The years go by so quickly :(

Opening presents!!

Birthday Fun
I HATE this pic of me, but I LOVE it of mom :)The Dad's corner
Showing off his card from Nana

Me and my bestie Christina

All the kids at the party
Marc and Nicholas
Papa giving Marc his cake :)
Auntie Donna made the perfect cake

Daija, Shay Shay and Maya... some of my favorite girls :)

My Bug and her baby Ayla
Dad, Donna, Bug, Peffy and Christy
Me and Michelle
Mich and Moll
The kiddies w/ my girl :)

Matty just HAD to ride the pumpkin wagonLittle baby duckies
But I had to laugh when I saw they were for sale
Auntie Molly w/ baby A
Kenzie, gettin ready to pumpkin sling

I guess it was a little sunny
Marc's flying pumpkin
And now Matty tries to shoot his pumpkin
Matty was so excited he got his pumpkin in the air Marc's pumpkin Matt's pumpkin
My pumpkin
Marc and Kenny in the tee-pee
A ton of people at Craven