Friday, September 26, 2008

My computer is FINALLY fixed!!!!

OK - I am back...... I finally got my computer back today. It had a mass infection (1300) and completely shut down. It's only been a month. Lots to talk about. Marc is almost through his first month as a third grader. He likes it, but hasn't really formed an opinion about his teacher yet. I'm not sure I really care for her. We'll see. Our summer ended with a bang! Mike and Michelle were here from Alaska for a couple weeks. We went to the lake, had lots of slumber parties and went to the Journey, Heart, Cheap Trick concert. Fun times. Matty Matt started Taekwondo and is a natural (go figure). For this I am thankful.... He has to mind Master Nick or he gets kicked out of class. I'm thankful for the discipline. We also went to a birthday fiesta for our neighbors. Irma turned 9 and Ivan turned 4. We love when they have their authentic fiestas. There's always at least 4 pinatas, a ton of food, corona.... and we just love their friends who are constantly teaching us Spanish. Augustin yelled at Matty in Spanish to get off the bike and put it in the garage and he did. It's funny cause when I talk to him in Spanish, he gets mad. When Irma and Augustin do, he listens and sometimes responds in Spanish. I have one month until my baby turns 9!! Wow! Time is just racing by us. Marc is excited for his bday party this year!! It's coming up. I decided to do it a few weeks early this year so it's not the same weekend as Halloween. I have a ton more to blog about, but I'm gonna put a few pics up and write later. I'm so thankful Fall is here! I just love it. It's such a fun season. I love the pumpkin patch and the leaves and the crisp, cold air. Anyway - later