Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas with GG and Papa

This year we celebrated Xmas with Grandma and Papa on the 26th. It was much more fun for us to spend time with Papa and let the kids have some one on one time with him w/o all the hustle and bustle of the huge family party and the big dinner, etc. We brought along Donna with us. She loves my Grandparents, and had a special gift for them, so I picked her up and surprised Papa with her. We had a good dinner and a great night :)

Marc and his Great Grandpa
and again with his Great Grandma (GG)
Matt wearing GG's hat
GG's other hat
Auntie Donna
Donna's gift to GG and Papa - a professional picture taken by her and Scott's sister Michelle in Alaska.

Matty found Flower the skunk

My Papa
Matty loves his Great Papa
Scott, Marc and Don
The gingerbread house the boys made for GG and Papa
Time to go home. Good night Grandma and Papa!

That same day, Dad went fishing with Uncle Mike - Nice catch Daddy. I love you.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 08 via photos......

Christmas this year was BUSY - and everyone made out like bandits!! The kids has a wonderful time, all day long, and Scott and I were able to relax, enjoy our families (which is our fav part). and mostly watch the kids tire from excitement, magic and Christmas bliss..................

1st thing... 7:20 a.m. Matt tears open his "best" gift
I make him pause to pose with Marc
Marc's favorite present

My fish Marc bought me - picked it out and paid for it all by himself. This is my fav.
Then we headed over to Nana and Papa's house...
Where Baby A was all dressed up.
My favorite little girl :)
I think Uncle Scott's favorite little girl too
Matty LOVES Uncle Jeremy
OK - not sure what they were thinking
Xmas morning brunch
Matty opening his HUGE Geo Trax train set. This thing is awesome
J, Hil, Mug and AThis is the coolest Lego set
Bug was so excited when she opened her new toys. She wanted to go home immediately and set it up to play ;)
Obviously it was for Ayla. Here's a great pic of Ayla looking like her mama and some of her aunties when we were babies
Sittin' on her present...
Oh ya... layin' on her present....
Who got baby A shoes?? Of course Auntie Rachey did ;)
Marc's Jack Sparrow Mickey straight from Disneyland
Matt's FireMouse that he called "fire place"
Papa opening his present
Hil made these for Mom's "Wizard Of Oz" guest room down stairs. Hilarious!! She's going to put them under the bed.
One of Dad's more recent hobbies include making sourdough bread. He's showing off his new sourdough cookbook
Molly opened up a Room Warmer....
So did Hil. They were not amused.
So Moll traded Hil for her brown one, and Hil is going to return the Zebra.
I don't know why I took this - Mom's feet
Nat got home from work just as we had to leave. She did not know I was going to take an extreme close up. Truth is, I did it because I'm going to show my friend who's a dentist the anterior composite I did on tooth #9 (It was chipped - "Never fear Nat, I can play Dentist! Here, come and sit in my chair...")
Then we hurried home so I could set the table before the Phillip's arrived
Tulips, simple but pretty
Almost dinner time
Showing Auntie Donna his DS
Matty ripping open his gift while Sadie watches in the background
He was pretty excited about this book
Marc was VERY excited about this book :)
Me and Dad. We're pooped. Just about ready to call it a night-
Mom with some of her stuff from Pelli and Mike
So - Scott got some new underwear.... Not sure if he "set" them on the candle on purpose or not...
Brothers in their new Disney jammies. Check out Matt's new slippers!!
Marc's not too old for Tigger yet!!