Friday, April 3, 2009

Imagine Children's Museum

So, I finally had a day off where Marc had no school, and I missed out on most of his spring break since I'm working. I don't have to go back to work until Tuesday next week, so I'm hopin' to do a lot of fun stuff with the boys. The kids and I went out for pancakes this morning before we went to the children's museum. That place rocks! We just love it!! Matty was going crazy about the trains. It was jam packed due to spring break, so the few times I turned around to see Matt dart off, I knew he was going straight for the train. Anyway - fun times.

Inside the train pulling the whistle
Inside the boat
The water area
Up in the tree house
Up on the roof
This kid wanted to play chess so Marc of course had to set all the pieces up properly. As soon as black and white were both set up and ready to go, the kid kicked them all down. It was pretty funny.
Down the slide
In the dinosaur fossil dig
Downstairs in the construction area
Matty in a car
In the bus
And in my FAVORITE are - the stage!! I missed Matty's loud growl, but I did get him exiting left center stage
And of course the rock wall. Marc did awesome...
And Matty tried his hardest and actually did really well. I'm not surprised!

And finally, a few days ago at work, Dana found the cutest little girl ever who would not smile, but LOVED Dana. :)

Fiesta B-day for Dr. Bird.....................

For some reason all my photos uploaded out of order, so it may seem a little weird. Dr. Bird's bday was April 1st - so we had a fiesta for him. Not sure what he was expecting it to turn out like, but he said he was not disappointed. I thought it was fun!! The PPC (Anisa and I) really wanted to let him know how much we like him and think he's such a great Dr. So----- I hope this is the start to many fun times to come at Albright.... I can't wait to think of more and more new reasons to dress up like idiots!

Example: Here's a sneak peak to how gross we're gonna look the week before Easter. Bunnies, glitter and really high ponies!
Like I said, out of order: But here's Alex, Hawk and Nate at the buffet line
A and J enjoying lunch
About half our staff here
Me with 2 of my favorite girls
Birthday Doc probably hating us right now 1st thing in the morning
Some of us right after we jumped out from the corner and sang Happy Birthday w/ facial hair, blinking chili pepper earrings and necklaces
The DA's and Tom - who was dancing along to the Mexican satellite radio station that was blasting all day
Justin working on a patient with his new found soul patch and sideburns
Almost believable from the side
I think I'll save this pic of Nate, say maybe for Justin's Italian b-day (Which, by the way - is themed "Vegetarian Italian")
Hawk bought Dr. B some earplugs for his b-day (???)